Nguzarello Designs

Melissa Nguyen & Ariel Azzarello Juneau

The idea of linking the ‘natural’ with the human-crafted world of architecture is central to sustainable design. Instead of changing the landscape to suit our needs, there has been a shift in ideologies and methods so that architecture, its forms, structures and aesthetics, all can be more so than just impacted by the natural orders, but is influenced, transformed and innovated to make use of them while framing and bringing to light their unique qualities.

To understand and be able to maximize the natural resources through design strategies allows a meshing of architecture and nature into a symbiotic relationship. This relationship will pave the way for a much needed change in the way the world understands and uses energy and will lay the foundations for the future of zero-emission infrastructure.
Conceptual Poroject Design Diagrams

Conceptual Poroject Design Diagrams